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Proprietary Processes

Endexome is the first Australian company to manufacture and export proprietary cell-derived Exosomes.

Endexome products are ideal for commercialisation being off the shelf, bioactive and stable at room temperature for over 12 months.

The Endexome product, a cell line with an unlimited lifespan*, provides a reliable production of Exosomes for at scale revenue generation. Endexome is one of a few biotechnology companies in the world with the knowledge and skills to grow and produce induced Pluripotent Stem Cell lines (iPSC) for export.

These cell lines provide an unlimited supply of human stem cells and the derived active Exosomes.

* Unlimited because step 1.3 below incubates and multiples an unlimited supply of PMBC blood into base iPSC.

Endexome Value Chain

Stage 1

Extract / Source


Stage 2

Make Exosome Powder

Can go to market as Powder, or be packaged as a Cream.

Stage 3

Package as Cream

Go to Market Model

Cream Formula

Raw Powder

License Model

Customer Channels


Nervous System

Wound Healing

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